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In the classic comedy National Lampoon's Vacation, the Griswold family packs up their station wagon and drives cross-country from Chicago, Illinois to southern California for a family vacation at Walley World – America's Favorite Family Fun Park.

Unfortunately, when the Griswolds finally arrive – Walley World is closed for repairs.

With the excitement of a cross-country family vacation on their mind, the Griswolds failed to check the summer schedule at Walley World before they embarked on a 2,000-mile road trip.

Don't make this mistake when planning to visit the United States. Of course, the USA won't be closed like Walley World when you arrive, but don't be like the Griswolds and leave unprepared.

Do you know about the VWP, ESTA or TSA? Do you know how to safeguard your identity, secure your phone, apps and medical information? Do you know how to prepare in advance for emergencies while abroad? Do you even have or need travel insurance?

Today, I'm going to tell you about my free download (PDF) – the USA Pre-Departure Checklist. If you have outdated travel information or need a step-by-step guide to prepare for international travel to the United States – this post's for you!

Prepare for International Travel with the USA Pre-Departure Checklist

Minimize Risk. Maximize Preparedness.
Be more relaxed, confident and safe – before leaving, while en route and after arriving in the United States.


Preparing for international travel doesn't have to be an exhaustive learning experience fraught with doubt, guesswork and surprises. Empower yourself with knowledge and resources to become a 21st-century traveler.

USA Pre-Departure Checklist

✓ Digital / Printable
Open the USA Pre-Departure Checklist (PDF) in Adobe Acrobat Reader (iOS) (Android) or Adobe Acrobat Reader DC (macOS) (Windows) – both are free. Mac users can also open the PDF in Preview (included with all Macs).

✓ Portable
Copy the USA Pre-Departure Checklist (PDF) to your phone, tablet or desktop computer. Once you complete a task, check it off.

✓ Comprehensive
The USA Pre-Departure Checklist includes 11 essential checklists to prepare for international travel between your country and the United States.

  1. Your Journey Begins
  2. Your Documents
  3. Your Health
  4. Your Insurance
  5. Your Checked Bags
  6. Your Carry-On
  7. Your Wallet
  8. Your Phone
  9. Your Apps
  10. Your Home
  11. Your Checklist

✓ Beautiful
I'd never download and use an ugly checklist and you shouldn't either. The USA Pre-Departure Checklist isn't just a comprehensive international travel checklist, it's also a beautifully-designed book!

The 11 checklists are full of actionable travel, health and technology tips for international travel. Learn how to prepare and secure your medical history, your finances, your phone, your apps, your home, etc.

✓ Clickable
Click the red hyperlinks and red buttons to visit corresponding web pages (internet connection required).

✓ Fillable
The USA Pre-Departure Checklist is fillable. Click the fillable fields to add digital check marks or print the checklists and mark the fields with a pen.

✓ Flexible
Make your own checklist with the Your Checklist form. Add your checklist title. Add items to complete, Then, check them off – from your phone, tablet or desktop computer. To make your own checklist, you must use Adobe Acrobat Reader (iOS) (Android) or Adobe Acrobat Reader DC (macOS) (Windows) or Preview on a Mac.

The USA Pre-Departure Checklist is 100% free! If your family, friends or colleagues are traveling to the United States – share the link to this page, so they can get their free copy!

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Wrap Up

You just learned about the USA Pre-Departure Checklist. If you're unsure how to pack, plan or prepare for international travel to the United States – get this free download!

Did you download the checklist? Do you have any other travel advice or tips?

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