Holiday Break: Independence Day Playlist (Songs About America)

Holiday Break: Independence Day Playlist (Songs About America)

As I pedaled away from my apartment in South Korea, I listened to Bruce Springsteen's "Further On (Up the Road)."

♫ "I'll meet you further on up the road."

I didn't know who I'd meet further on up the road, but those words invigorated me to pedal faster out of my neighborhood and along unfamiliar roads.

I had sunscreen, a tent, a sleeping bag, tubes, patches, maps and not much else packed in my bike panniers for the 200+ mile southern ride to Busan. From there, I'd book overnight passage on a ship bound for Osaka, Japan. After that, I'd resume cycling the 400+ miles to Tokyo and arrive with enough time to clean up and prepare for a new teaching position at a Japanese university.

♫ "I'll meet you further on up the road."

2 months later, I met my future wife, Aya, in Tokyo.

7 years later, Aya and I shared a pair of earphones, listening to Neil Diamond's "America" as our train slowed to a stop and the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officers prepared to board.

♫ "They're coming to America."

We'd recently completed a transpacific crossing from Tokyo to Vancouver and were now aboard Amtrak –– about to enter the United States. Aya had never been to the US and I hadn't returned in over 12 years. Seattle was our first stop. From there, we planned to stop in Portland, San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Antonio and New Orleans before our final destination –– Atlanta.

♫ "They're coming to America."

Whether you're traveling by yourself or with loved ones and whether you're arriving by bicycle, train, car or plane – music can be a comforting travel companion.

In this post, I'm going to share my America-themed playlist for Independence Day (July 4) that you can add to your Apple Music library for free.

Songs About America

Songs About America salutes, unites, dreams, questions, protests, inspires and, above all, captures the American way of life. Discover this eclectic, made in America playlist that includes pop, rock, country, folk, hip-hop and instrumental. Welcome to the USA!

If you're not an Apple Music subscriber (iOS) (Mac) (Android), just tap the link on this page to signup for a 3-month trial, then add Songs About America to your library. 

When you add Songs About America to your library, you're saving the playlist to stream online. If you prefer to download the songs, tap the red ellipsis. Then, tap Download.


You just learned about my Apple Music playlist –– Songs About America. Can you expect more America-themed playlists in the future? You bet!

Can you think of any more songs about America to add to this playlist? Answer in the Comments below.

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