How to Sign Up for Informed Delivery (Free USPS Service)

How to Sign Up for Informed Delivery (Free USPS Service)

Imagine being on vacation or a business trip and knowing what's arriving in your mailbox at home –– even if you've had the Post Office hold your mail. This is really possible!

With the United States Postal Service's (USPS) Informed Delivery,™ residential participants can preview black and white images of their household’s incoming mail each morning before anything's delivered to their mailboxes. These scanned images can be viewed via the USPS website and/or through daily email notifications.

Informed Delivery is a free service that's open to residents in most areas of the United States, though, eligibility is dependent on verifying your registered address and identity.

In this post, I'm going to show you sign up for Informed Delivery and start receiving email notifications from the USPS.

Informed Delivery: Daily Digest

  • Email notifications are sent before 9:00 AM EST to the email address that you signed-up with.

  • Email notifications can only be sent to 1 email address. If multiple people reside at the same address and they want to participate in the program, they should sign up for Informed Delivery to receive notifications.

  • Email notifications are not sent on days when there is no mail to be delivered, nor on Sundays and federal holidays.

  • Email notifications contain up to 10 black and white images of the address side of your mail. If you receive more than 10 images, you'll be provided with a link to view the remainder of your household’s mail via the online the dashboard at

  • Currently, only letter-sized mail images are available, but flat-sized images like magazines and catalogues are planned for the future.

  • Images of incoming packages are not included. To track packages, use USPS Tracking®.

If your address changes...

  1. Submit an Official Change of Address online, in-person at the Post Office or with your mail carrier.

  2. Receive an email and a physical letter confirming your change of address.

  3. Once the USPS confirms that your My USPS account corresponds to the information in the change of address, access to My USPS and Informed Delivery are temporarily suspended until your change of address is confirmed. Follow instructions in the change of address confirmation letter(s) to resume access.

  4. If your new address is located within a participating ZIP Code, you'll be able to resume notification emails once you confirm your change of address by following the instructions in your confirmation letter(s).


You just learned how to sign up for USPS' Informed Delivery. If you want the convenience of knowing in advance what's going to be delivered to your mailbox, sign up for the free service.

Have you signed up for Informed Delivery? Do you like the service? Answer in the Comments below.

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